The Unique Way To Play A Puzzle Game

Technology nowadays had really captured the attention of many. Kids in these generations prefer to play different kinds of video games than play outside the house with the old- fashioned games. It results in many kinds of character developments to a child but we will not be focusing on that psychological issues and effect of a video game.
Puzzle games like Zuma, Tetris, Soduko, Chains, Bookworm, and many others, are one of the favorite games they play. Not only kids are playing these, but also teens, adults, and even elderlies. But is there a real game existing? That you don’t need to touch a pad but your whole body will need to participate? Visit, it is called an “Escape Room” because it is a maze that has different kinds of challenges like riddles, obstacles, mysteries, questions, and many kinds of surprises that surely you will enjoy.

Is it only played by one person? Nope, that’s why I said that you can bond with your family without stealing to your child their playing time. It will be played with 2 to 8 persons in a group. You can be grouped with your family or with your friends and even to strangers which will create a chance of having new friends. If you’re only staying at home or an introvert person, don’t worry because you will be given a group. So visit Labyrintoom in Berlin now. It will be worth to be played.
How to play Labyrintoom:
• Create your group consisting of 2 to 8 members
• Be briefed by the guide about the general rules of the game.
• Prepare yourself and be ready to start the game. Be sure that you are in good physical condition before entering the game.
• Once you enter the first room, remember that there’s no going back, so solve the obstacles of every room to exit the maze, because you’ll get stuck until 60 minutes ends.

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