Top 2017  Décor Trends in Toronto

With real estate on a booming note of late, many Toronto homeowners are expecting a handsome deal on their properties. The real estate business in Yorkville, South Riverdale and Long Branch shows great promise both for the buyers and sellers. But then, the competition is really ruthless here and your potential buyer is definitely expecting a well-furnished haven, rhyming with modern home décor flair. To make your life even easier, the post below offers a brief on top 2017 décor trends in Toronto.

No neutrals any more

Neutrals have dominated the home painting scene here for long but 2017 has dawned in with a new trend when it comes to shades and tints for Toronto condo. The bend is more towards bright bold palettes and green is the ruling color of 2017 for the city homes. If you don’t want to disturb the wall color, incorporate greenery with green accessories and indoor plants. French blue is also on a high. And of course, a bright yellow living room will earn you many brownie points.

Geometrical designs making way

Patterns, especially geometrical patterns, are the order of the day now. How about hex tiles for kitchen backsplash or patterned towels for the bathroom? Cool, isn’t it? Geometrical patterns bring a curt edgy look in the overall ambience and speak of unmatched gravitas. If you don’t want to do major refurbishments with the existing structure, opt for geometrically patterned accessories like graphic pillows. You can also go for geometric wallpapers. If you are too much into the traditional subway tile, choose for some interesting pattern- such as herringbone configuration.

Reflective materials

With many new properties donning a streamlined and ultra-minimalist ambience, the current trend is for reflective materials to create an expansive look. For example, you can go for sleek grayish couch paired up with golden accentuated coffee table and table lamp. You can also add gold or brass bathroom fixtures for your bathroom. Otherwise, if you want something more affordable, a huge mirror would always do the trick.

Upholstered bedhead

If you are looking to add a touch of glam & plush to the master bedroom without much renovation, an upholstered bedhead would be the thing for you. In fact, this is one of the most coveted trends for home décor in Toronto of late. If you want a timeless appeal, you can never go wrong with a velvet touch- add on a few buttons to bring in the Ottoman feel. However, just make sure the color of the bedhead duly matches the palette of your overall room.

Neo-global mix & match

Toronto is defined by a multi-cultural environ and the 2017 home décor trend is all for a global mix & match ambience. For example, for your drawing room, a Ming vase & ikat printed pillow would make a superb contrast. Then, the pairing or marble and wood is also gaining huge momentum today. You will find exotic wood-marble mixes which are crafted from stones grained like timber with delicate bases and tapered tops.

So, when are you starting with your home?

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