Making Sense of Pixel Gun 3D and the Pixel Gun 3D Hack iOS

Once you enter the Pixel Gun 3D arena, it’s kill or be killed. It’s survival of the fittest, even when you’re not playing Survival Mode but instead opted for Multiplayer Mode (even more so, in fact, because of the type of killers available in multiplayer are scarier than a thousand blocky zombies). You will need a pixel gun 3d hack iOS or Android because in Survival Mode, you’ll only get one elixir for free and once your run out of elixir and die, you go back to the starting stage. Meanwhile, when dealing with the sharks of the Multiplayer Mode, if you’re a newbie you’ll be cannon fodder to them every time. The ones who make it to a specified number of kills wins the game and usually you’re the bonus or free kill if you’re an unskilled beginner.


Other Things to Note about Pixel Gun 3D


  • Another notable thing about Pixel Gun 3D is its glitchy nature. There have been reports of bugs and the game saving random images into your tablets photo library after sending skins to your Minecraft account, among other things. This roots from the fact that this Minecraftian mod of an FPS is also half-finished and requires a bit of tweaking in order to work.


  • There’s also the fact that you might need a Minecraft account to access its bonus content. Other FPS players would rather concentrate on the purity of FPS in a new game rather than indulge in the more gimmicky aspects of Pixel Gun 3D (like its pixel art guns and design or the option to get the Minecraft pick ax for the right price). There are those that (correctly) point out that without the gimmick, it’s a mediocre FPS at best.


  • All the same, future updates will hopefully give the gamer the option of whether to save the skins to your photo library (so you can refuse if you don’t want to). The value of this game roots from how to caters to multiple converging fans of different genres of gaming, putting them together in one game that elicits different responses from them. It’s a game that’s well-worth its $0.99 price tag.


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