Urine Test for Nicotine Discovery In The Body

Nicotine dependency is what they say the hardest addiction to stop because nicotine is among the most abusing drug. Nicotine is a chemical, an alkaloid that acts as a psychoactive drug. Nicotine can be found in the Solanaceae family but is usually manufactured as cigarettes. Once nicotine is consumed, it enters in your arteries and flows in your blood vessels. It has an impact on your central nervous system, heart, and lungs. And it takes only about seven seconds to reach your brain thus makes you use cigarettes again and again. Nicotine can be detected in your body through blood, urine, and hair sample test. Some Companies like Insurance Company requires their applicants to take at least one of the tests, ensuring that their future employees are healthy and in stable mind.

Many are asking How to get nicotine out of your system. I say, quit smoking already but you can’t do that easily, here’s how: Take detox products (it will burn nicotine), drink lots of fluid, have an exercise daily and take Multivitamins (to strengthen the immune system). But I think that’s not what you should be concerned with. Why would a cigarette destroy one’s health? Aside from nicotine what else does a cigarette contain? Ponder upon these things below and think about quitting smoke to protect you and your family’s health.
The composition of a Cigarette:
• The combination of gasses, carbon monoxide, hydrogen cyanide, and nitrogen and sulfur oxides. Some of this are added during the manufacture of cigarettes.
• Manufactured tobacco products contain pesticides and other chemicals to make it burn better and tastes differently.
• Other toxic pollutants in the cigarette are cadmium (impacts on kidneys, arteries, and blood pressure), lead, nickel, cyanide, and arsenic.
• Dioxin, the most toxic pesticide has been found also in cigarettes.
• Polonium, a radioactive material is also found in cigarettes. Some say that one of the greatest sources of radiation is in cigarettes.

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